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Manufacturer Warranties


Please note our warranty details:
• Snap Defects – 18 months
• Elastic Defects – 60 days
• Sewing/Workmanship Defects – 60 days
If you do experience a problem that falls within the limitations of our warranty, please contact AppleCheeks™ support using our contact page. All returns must be accompanied by an original sales receipt. Upon receipt of your request, we will contact you with information as to where to send your product. Products that are returned for repair must be clean and odour-free.

Please be advised that we cannot replace or refund diapers due to the following problems: repelling, shot elastic, staining, leaking or incorrect sizing. If you are having problems with the following, please see our Product Support page for troubleshooting and diagnostic.

If you are experiencing problems that fall within the limitations of our warranty and you have either lost your proof of purchase or the warranty period has expired, please contact us directly at


We guarantee that our polyester products will be waterproof for 100 washes and our nylon products for 50 washes. This guarantee applies to the waterproof fabric only, and will only be honoured if:

  • The product has been washed according to instructions
  • The product is part of a rotation of products and has undergone reasonable use

We guarantee that our products will be free of defects in workmanship after reasonable use as part of a rotation of diapering products. We will not replace products after 6 months or without a proper proof of purchase from one of our retailers.

Please note that our warranty does not apply to products that are not functioning properly because of a build-up of detergent residue, although we will do our utmost to co-operate with our clients in the resolution of this problem.

All products distributed by Bummis but not manufactured by Bummis are covered by their manufacturer's warranty.

Please contact us for more information.

Cotton Babies (makers of bumGenius, Flip & Econobum)

Cotton Babies will stand behind the workmanship and materials in a properly cared for product for one year from the date of purchase. The Cotton Babies Warranty covers all components of our products including the snaps, lining, hook & loop closures, elastic and waterproofing. The warranty is extended to the original purchaser of the products only. Proof of purchase from an authorized retailer is required.

To make a warranty claim, product must be sent at customer's expense to their distributor for examination of workmanship and materials. After reviewing your diapers, we may replace the diaper or provide you with simple instructions for resolving the problem you are having.

Except when caused by manufacturing or component defect, this guarantee does not cover leaking, diaper odor or normal wear/tear.

Warranty is void when:

  • The washing instructions have not been followed.
  • The diaper has been altered.
  • Any of the following has been used in conjunction with the use/care of the product:
    • Water temperatures exceeding 150F or 60C
    • A detergent containing additives (enzymes, brighteners, whiteners, dyes, perfumes, essential oils) or natural soap
    • Fabric softeners
    • Any caustic substance
    • Diaper rash cream
  • Product was purchased through an unauthorized retailer. (Modern Cloth is an authorized retailer of Cotton Babies products.)

Defective Merchandise

If you are returning a defective product, you must be considerate about the condition of your item before shipping your item. Your item must be clean, stain-free and dry before you ship it. Without exception, we will not handle any items that are stained, smelly or damp on arrival. If the diapers stink, they will be returned to you at your expense. To be sure that your diapers are in acceptable condition, inspect carefully for staining and smell the diaper. If you smell anything "off", wash it again with 1/4 cup of bleach. Rinse well. Dry it on medium in the dryer. Repeat this process as needed until the diaper meets our return standards.

Please note, we are not responsible for damage to an item caused by improper care, abuse, misuse, normal fading or normal "wear and tear" of the product materials. Diapers are not made of steel and, like any other clothing item, they may not withstand washing every single day for extended periods of time. Please keep this in mind as you decide how many diapers to purchase. We're here to help if you need it.

All return/exchange requests must include the following information:

  1. A return merchandise authorization number written on the outside of the package (click here to get your number). After this form is completed, you will be emailed an authorization number that should be written on the outside of your package. You can check the status of the return online by going to the same url ( and entering the authorization number and your zip code. We will update the status of your return in the system when we receive the package and again when it is processed.
  2. A separate note in the package with the following information: name, current mailing address, products included in your package, the reason for the request and what you would like us to do.
  3. The address to use when shipping your returns is available after you have completed the request for an RMA number.


What our Warranty Covers:

  • Snap Defects - Lifetime
    • Snap defects are defined as a snap that has fallen off or does not connect well rendering the diaper defective. At anytime your FuzziBunz lose a snap we will replace the product regardless of when it was purchased.Snap defects are defined as a snap that has fallen off or does not connect well rendering the diaper defective
  • PUL (waterproof layer) Defects - Limetime
    • PUL defects include if the waterproof layer has begun to separate and peel away from the cloth layer commonly known as de-laminating.PUL defects include if the waterproof layer has begun to separate and peel away from the cloth layer
  • Sewing/Workmanship Defects - 1 Year
    • This is defined as a diaper that is completely falling apart at the seams and is no longer usable.
    • This does NOT cover top stitching that is coming loose as this is due to normal wear and tear on the product.
    • This does not cover small snags in the fabric caused by normal wear and tear on the product.
    • This does not cover elastic that has lost its elasticity in the Perfect Size although we will instruct users as to how to replace it.This does not cover elastic that has lost its elasticity in the Perfect Size although we will teach someone how to replace it.

What our Warranty does NOT Cover:

  • Sizing Issues
    • No diapers will be replaced due to any sizing discrepancy. All diapers should be tried on before use / washing to ensure a good fit. If it does not fit—please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the product for an exchange / return.
    • Slight sizing variances in inserts which occur during the sewing process. Our diapers are made by real people and from time to time this will happen despite our best efforts. This does not render the diaper unusable and is not considered a defect.
  • Leaking
    • We will do our best to troubleshoot any leaking problem, however leaking (unless due to de-laminating PUL) is not covered under our Warranty
  • Pilling Fleece
    • We do our best to ensure the best quality materials go into our product. Too many environmental factors go into the condition of how products wash and wear. Worn or pilly fleece will not effect the function of the product and is not covered under our Warranty.
  • Other
    • Unless the issue is one of the 3 listed above that fall under our Warranty, no other products will be replaced unless defective under the covered items in our Warranty. We will try our best to help in any way that we can if there are other issues that arise.

If you experience any defects covered by the manufacturer's warranty, please fill out our FuzziBunz® Warranty Claim Form. All warranty requests must have a proof of purchase receipt. NO EXCEPTIONS. Receipt must be from an authorized FuzziBunz® retailer (Modern Cloth is an authorized retailer). If you received the diapers as a gift, please contact the gift-giver for proof of purchase information.

Warranties, Returns and Exchanges FAQs

Having a problem with your FuzziBunz product that does not fall under warranty?  Get help troubleshooting here.


We aim to please!

Kissaluvs uses quality materials, professional assembly and construction, and innovative designs to help make life simpler and better for families. We also offer some of the best guarantees in the business.

Lifetime Snap Guarantee

If at any time during the useful life of a Kissaluvs diaper, a snap breaks or won't work properly, contact us for repair or replacement. The fine print:

  • You don't need an original receipt, nor do you need to be the original owner
  • All snap diapers with original Kissaluvs labels are covered ... even clearance or "seconds" diapers bought from the Outlet Store
  • We do not reimburse return postage
  • If possible, we will always opt to repair. After all, part of the reason we're in this business is the whole "reduce/reuse/recycle" concept. If we can't reliably repair the problem, we will replace the item.
  • Diapers, like any other oft-washed items, don't last forever. If a diaper is showing its age and/or hard use, we may not be able to repair it.
  • Decisions and judgment calls about "useful life" and potential repair fall squarely on our shoulders. The good news is that we're honest and sincere folks.

Workmanship Guarantee

We absolutely stand behind the quality of all first-quality Kissaluvs products, and will gladly repair or replace defective items within 30 days of purchase. The fine print:

  • The guarantee covers new, first-quality products bought from or an authorized retailer (Modern Cloth is an authorized retailer of Kissaluvs products.)
  • We will gladly add bonus items to make up for first-class postage and inconvenience
  • Items damaged by improper use or care are not covered
  • Clearance and "seconds" items from the Outlet Store are not covered

Please address shipments to:

Customer Service
12302 Sienna Rosa Ln
Houston TX 77041

Be sure to include:

  • your name
  • return address
  • phone number and email address (if applicable)
  • a brief description of the problem
  • where and approximately when you bought the item

Planet Wise, Inc

We stand behind our products 100%.

All products are guaranteed against workmanship or material defects for 60 days from date of purchase. This guarantee covers seams, stitching, elastics, zippers or any other sewing defects. Fading or staining is considered normal wear and tear and does not fall under this warranty. If you receive a defective product please mail the item directly to Planet Wise along with a copy of the original receipt and we will mail a replacement ASAP. 


Defects are rare, but they do occasionally occur and we apologize wholeheartedly if you have received a defective Thirsties product. We stand behind our products 100% and are happy to hear of your problem so that we can work together to a resolution so you can start using your Thirsties item again!

Our Warranty

  • Your product is under limited warranty for possible repair or replacement up to 1 year after the original purchase date.
  • Defects include loose stitching, holes discovered upon arrival, broken snaps, etc.
  • Staining, fading, holes that develop with use, and potential residue build-up are all considered normal 'wear and tear' and do not qualify for replacement.
  • Leaks are not considered a defect. Please search our database at for detailed instructions in battling leaks or call us and we will be happy to troubleshoot with you to ensure successful cloth diapering.

How to Proceed
Please send an email to
Include all the following information in your email. We are not able to process your request unless we have all the information below:

  2. Provide your name & complete shipping address:
  3. Email Address:
  4. Phone:
  5. Defective Product: (product name, size, color, & LOT number).  Please specify if your product has an aplix or snap closure.
  6. Problem you are having:
  7. Detergent Used:
  8. Date of original purchase:
  9. Place of original purchase:

What to Expect Next
Once you email us with all the requested information above, your Return Merchandise Authorization information will be reviewed and a customer service rep will be in contact with you shortly. Defects covered under the warranty will be quickly replaced at no cost to you. Included in the replacement package will be a prepaid return label to mail your defect to us. Just place your defective product in the same reusable shipping package and attach the prepaid label and place it in the nearest United States Postal Service mailbox for pick up.

All returned merchandise is reviewed for ongoing product improvement, then repaired (if repairable) by our sewers, and donated to the Cloth Diaper Foundation.