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Newborn Diaper Rental FAQ's

Click HERE to choose a newborn rental package.

What are the terms of use for the rental program? When you place your order for the rental you must check off the box for our terms of use.  In doing so, you are agreeing to the following:

  • You agree to pay the $99 refundable deposit.
  • You agree to care for the diapers according to the specific instructions provided - if you ever have any questions or trouble with your diapers please contact us so that we can help you troubleshoot and prevent any damage occurring to the diapers.
  • You agree to use only cloth diaper safe/recommended detergents - please read our wash & care instructions in our tutorial for detergent recommendations.  If there is some other type of detergent you would like to use please contact us for approval first.
  • You will not use fabric softeners (or detergents containing fabric softener such as Dreft), bleach, stain sticks, etc.  (The best remedy for stain removal is the sun! Simply put your clean but damp diapers out to dry with the stains facing the sun.)
  • You agree to use only cloth diaper safe rash creams and/or sprays (such as Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion or CJ's BUTTer).  If your son will be circumcised CJ's BUTTer also promotes healing and provides a non-stick barrier.  If you choose to use any other type of ointment or cream you must use a liner or barrier - this can be a flushable or washable liner, or even a baby washcloth.  If you choose a fleece liner or washcloth please wash them separate from the diapers in a recommended detergent or with original blue dawn dish soap separately from your diapers.
  • Only non-smoking homes are eligible for this program, so by agreeing to the terms you are giving us assurance that no member of your household smokes.  We're sorry for any inconvenience, but there are no exceptions to this, including outdoor smokers.  If your diapers are returned smelling of smoke (or odor-masking substances such as febreeze) they will be considered damaged and you will be responsible for the full retail value of those items.
  • You will not hold Modern Cloth LLC liable for any consequence that may occur in the use of these diapers.
  • You understand that in our 'gently used' rental program -- that the diapers have been previously worn by one or more other babies.  Each rental package, upon its return to us, is thoroughly inspected then put through a soaking & stripping procedure, so you can rest assured that you will receive clean, dry diapers in good condition.  We will not send you diapers that we would not be willing to put on our own child.
  • Likewise, they are required to be returned to us clean, dry, and in good condition.  Good condition means that the diapers have been washed & worn and will show signs of such, but will be fully functional.  Stains due to normal use will be acceptable (though we ask that you take steps to minimize this).  However, stains or marks of any other kind, including those from non-approved rash creams, will not be acceptable.  Diapers must also be free of pet or human hair and odors.  If they are returned in any unacceptable condition they will be washed and/or cared for by us to bring them back to an acceptable condition, and new diapers will be rotated into the gently used packages as needed. We launder/sanitize the diapers when they arrive back to us. If we must launder or care for them in any way (other than the initial sanitize), a $20 washing/processing fee will be deducted from your refund or store credit. **This policy is completely at our discretion and non-negotiable, so please be sure to look your items over carefully before returning them.  If the diapers are received in such a condition that they are considered damaged (even if it was accidental), the full retail value of that item will be deducted from your deposit.  You will also be held responsible for lost diapers.  
  • You agree to return the diapers to us on time.  This means the return shipment package will be postmarked within 3 business days of your rental period end date.  A late fee will be applicable if package is 2 weeks+ late.
  • Please include your rental agreement/contract in the package with your diapers.  If you have lost/misplaced your copy of the rental contract/agreement, please let us know so that we can email you a copy of it so you can sign it and send it back with the diapers.  top

I am expecting...when should I order my rental program? If you are ordering a package of upgraded NEW diapers or even "gently used" you can order any time, as these packages are always available to rent.  We highly suggest you order at least 6 weeks ahead of your estimated due date.  We do our best to ship the packages out so you will receive your diapers approximately 2 weeks ahead of your estimated due date.  If you order with less than 6 weeks, we will make all efforts to get the package to you as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee that you will get them in 2 weeks before your due date.  If you want to see what we have in stock and and ready to ship immediately, please check out our selection of gently used newborn packages for sale or rent or contact us prior to placing your order.

Please note:
  • Some customers purchase our newborn rentals months in advance.  If you happen to need to cancel your order, for whatever reason there may be, there is a $99 cancelation fee if you have NOT received your diapers yet.  If the the diapers have been shipped already or once you have received your diapers - there is no refund available.  
  • We like to ship the diapers so they'll arrive at least 2 weeks ahead of your due date, so you'll have them ready, even if your little one arrives a bit early.  To reserve your rental package, please order at least 6 weeks ahead of your estimated start date -- to ensure they will arrive within this time frame of 2 weeks out. 
  • Feel free to contact us anytime between your order date and the 2 weeks before your estimated due date, if you would like an update.   top

When does my rental period start? What if I don't want to start using them right away with my newborn? Or what if my baby is "late" and arrives after my due date? We know that babies don't conform to anyone else's schedule! We also understand that having a newborn can be an overwhelming experience in the early days and you may simply want to take a little time getting to know the newest member of your family before embarking on your journey with cloth.  That being said, we do also have to be fair to other families who may be waiting next in line for a rental package.  So, with a newborn rental program the start date is the day your baby is born (or the day you receive the package if your baby has already been born), whether or not you actually begin using them on that date is up to you. This, of course, is based on the honor system since we won't be asking for your birth records!  :)  As a courtesy, we will ask you to send us an email (within a week or two) after the baby is born to keep us in the loop and allow us to plan for the expected return date of your package.    top

How much is shipping? When you order your rental program regular shipping fees apply based on the cost of your chosen package - which includes FREE shipping for orders over $100!  If you are a local customer then you may opt for free local order pick-up.  Packages are shipped via USPS, either Priority Mail or Parcel Post, whichever is most cost effective based on the weight of the package and distance it will travel.  Optional insurance may be purchased during checkout (insurance is not included with free shipping, but is offered for an additional fee. Once a package has shipped we are not responsible for its delivery - therefore insuring your shipment is highly recommended. All items will be sent with delivery confirmation or tracking number. You will also be responsible for the return shipping cost, but you may ship them back to us via the least expensive shipping option available to you - and again, we do recommend insuring your shipment. (Generally speaking, the USPS will be the least expensive option.)  We'll provide you with a shipping label, and you can re-use the packaging we send them to you in. We typically send them to you using a really nifty biodegradable bag that has a second adhesive closure on it so you can re-seal it to send diapers back to us! If it's more economical, you may receive them in a flat rate shipping box.   Please note, shipping charges for your rental program are not considered part of your deposit and are not refundable.    top

What happens if the diapers I return are stained? What if I lose or accidentally damage a diaper? Light staining due to normal use will not be considered damage - though it would be really sweet of you to minimize these and/or take steps to remove them prior to shipping the diapers back to us... we'll love you forever!  Staining can be minimized by using a diaper sprayer or flushable liners, and can be bleached out by hanging them in full sun to dry after washing. Also be sure to run your diapers through a cold rinse cycle (without detergent)  prior to washing each load... full pre-washing, washing, and care instructions will be included with your rental program shipment. You must use only cloth diaper safe/recommended detergents, no diaper rash creams (unless they are cloth diaper safe or you use a liner/barrier), no fabric softeners, etc. If your diapers have stains on them from (non cloth-safe) diaper rash creams or they show signs of having been improperly cared for they will be considered damaged. Diapers must be returned in clean, dry, and stink-free condition - light staining is ok, but dirty or stinky diapers is absolutely unacceptable.  They must be completely free of any debris, including flecks or specks of feces in the velcro closures or seams.  This also means no pet or human hair, dirt, stains/marks of any kind, or odors of any kind, including smoke or odor-masking sprays.  Please (pretty, pretty please even!) remove all hair and lint from the velcro closures.  We know it's annoying to do this step (trust us, we know!), but just think how gross it is if it's not even your own hair or lint.  If we must launder or care for them in any way (including cleaning out velcro), a $20 washing/processing fee will be deducted from your refund or store credit - this policy is completely at our discretion and non-negotiable, so please be sure to look your items over carefully before returning them.  If the diapers are lost or received in such a condition that they are considered damaged (even if it was accidental), the full retail value of that item will be deducted from your deposit.   If damage occurs that would be covered under the manufacturer's warranties for defective items, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to get those items replaced and covered under the warranty.  If you have any questions at all throughout your rental period please contact us & we'll be happy to help!    top

What do I do with the meconium?  The meconium can be treated like exclusively breastfed poop and can be put directly into your washer, if you so choose.  You may also use a flushable or washable liners or a diaper sprayer if you'd like.  Olive oil is also a great tool for dealing with meconium because it also happens to be cloth diaper safe - just rub a little on baby's bottom at each diaper change and it will help when you're wiping baby clean at the next change.    top

How long do I have to return the diapers when my trial ends? What if I'm late getting them back to you?  What if I want an extension because they still fit my baby well? Your diaper shipment needs to be postmarked within 3 business days after your rental period end date. Your rental information form (that you'll receive with your diapers) has a space for you to enter your start date, which is your baby's birth date (or the date you receive the package if your baby has already arrived), as well as your end date (12 weeks later). Once we receive your return shipment, your deposit will be refunded as 100% store credit or 85% refund by Paypal!  If you are nearing the end of your rental period and wish to extend it, you may do so in 4 week increments (the additional cost will be 1/3 of your full rental fee) by simply contacting us. If you are late getting the diapers back to us, the following deductions will be taken from your deposit:  7-14 days late = $20   15-30 days late = $50  30+ days late = 100% of your deposit.   top

What if I want to keep them? We realize that many customers sign up for a newborn diaper rental because they would like an inexpensive option for using cloth with their newborn from birth until the baby is big enough for one-size diapers.  And particularly if you're new to cloth you may not want to invest in a full stash of newborn size diapers until you've at least gotten to use them and see 'what you're in for'!  (Don't worry, you'll love it!)  We also understand that once you begin using them, and then come to adore them, that you may also begin to realize that it would be financially beneficial for your family if you were able to keep the diapers to use with your next baby (or babies!) as well.  We're thrilled that you've fallen in love with the diapers - and you will have the option prior to your rental end date to purchase your package, rather than returning it.  You don't even have to keep all of the diapers, if you decide you like some types more than others, or you just don't want to purchase that many, you will be welcome to buy partial packages - though we do ask that you do this in increments of 6 per type, just as they're rented out.  If you decide you'd like to keep them (or would like to find out the cost before deciding), simply contact us prior to your rental period end date.  The cost will be based on the retail value of the types you've chosen and the condition of the packages as you received them (whether they were new or gently used), and of course whether you'd like to keep all of them or just a few.  In some cases a fee will be owed, though in some instances it may be as simple as forfeiting all or part of your $99 deposit.  top

Do I get a refund or store credit when my deposit is returned? It's your choice! You may receive your deposit as a 100% store credit or a credit card refund (minus a 15% processing fee).  Please note, gift certificates and store credit used to purchase your rental will be refunded prior to any other form of payment.

*Reverse store credit:  Don't want to have to spend any time without diapers? Simply place a new order about a week before your rental end date and enter a note stating that you're electing for reverse store credit on your rental package deposit. You can wait until you receive the new diapers before sending your rental diapers back to us. Once we receive your shipment we will treat it as store credit and we'll simply apply it as a refund against the payment you made on the new order!    top

What if my rental program was a gift?  Do I get the refund? Deposits will go back to customer that originally ordered.  You may opt to receive 100% store credit (or reverse store credit)!    top

Do I earn rewards points when I get a newborn diaper rental package? Can I use a coupon or gift certificate? We're sorry, but rewards points are are not earned with a newborn diaper rental package.  Coupons are also not valid for rentals - but you are more than welcome to use gift certificates or store credit.  Please note, gift certificates and store credits will be refunded prior to any refunds made via PayPal.    top

How much is the rental fee? The fee varies based on the diapers, package size, and condition (new vs gently used) you choose.  Scroll to the bottom of the newborn diaper rental listing and there is a pricing matrix which clearly states the fee and deposit for each of the packages, for both new and gently used options.  The amount you are paying as an upfront cost is the fee + deposit, and the deposit is the portion that is refundable upon the return of your package.  Deposits vary by package so look at the matrix for details.    top

How many diapers are included in the rental program? How many should I get?  In the newborn stage you'll be using approximately 12 diapers a day, and you'll need to wash them when you still have a few left to use while the laundry is being done.  Keep in mind also that you'll only want to wash 18-24 per load, and wait no longer than 3 days between washings.  If you plan to use them full time we recommend getting 24-30 diapers, which will allow you to wash every 1.5-2 days.  Getting more than that wouldn't be a great advantage since you'd then have to do multiple wash loads anyway.  If you only plan to use them part-time you can estimate how many you'll use per day & then multiply that times the number of days you want to wait between washing - at a maximum of 3 days.  Say you plan to use about 6 per day, then getting 12 - 18 would allow you to wash every 2 - 3 days, and you could even bump that up to 24 if you want to pad a little more for time to wash.   top

Can I choose more than one kind?  What if I end up not liking the types I've chosen? Yes, you may absolutely mix and match your rental package diaper types... in fact, particularly if this is your first experience with cloth diapers, we recommend it!  Once your baby arrives, if the types you've chosen are giving you any trouble or are not fitting your baby well please contact us and we'll be happy to help you troubleshoot and/or give you some tips to get a better fit.  If we can't get your issues resolved, or you simply would prefer to have a different kind, then we'll be happy to swap any or all of them out for you if you contact us within the first 4 weeks of your rental period (if you purchased gently used). You will also be responsible for the cost of sending the original package back to us, as well as the shipping fees for your replacement package - we will send them via the least expensive option available and you will only be charged for the exact cost of the shipment.  If your diaper substitutions are a more expensive option, then you'll be charged for the difference in pricing, pro-rated based on how much time is remaining in your rental period.  Please note, if you are switching types once your rental has begun then your choices may be limited, based on what we have on hand to send you - if you originally received gently used packages we may only have new packages available to send you as replacements.    top

Can I choose the colors of the diapers? As much as we'd love to fulfill your requests for your favorite colors, the newborn diaper rental packages are only available in 'gender neutral' colors (ie: white, green, brown, cream, yellow, orange, red, etc) and will be dictated by availability within our inventory and/or our supplier stock levels.    top

What if my baby outgrows the diapers early? The average weight of a newborn baby is somewhere in the 7 1/2 to 8 lb range, and most newborns gain weight at a rate of about 1 - 2 lbs per month.  The newborn diapers offered in the rental program are rated to fit babies up to 12, and in some cases 16, pounds.  Given those facts you can rest assured that the majority of newborns will not outgrow these diapers until around the 10 - 12 week mark.  Most of our customers do end up keeping the packages for the full 12 weeks, and the handful of customers who return them early are typically only doing so by a week or two.  In light of that, the official policy is that no portion of your rental fee is refundable, only the deposit!  Please understand that the processing of rental packages does take a significant amount of time, energy, and resources, and a portion of the rental fee is attached to providing this service to you, not just for the cost of the products - so the fact that the diapers were used by you for less time is really only a small factor in this policy, as our end of things is essentially the same amount of work regardless of the amount of time you keep them.  However, we are also not completely unreasonable people and we do understand that babies occasionally are born much larger than the average weight and in rare cases they may outgrow the newborn sizes within a matter of weeks.  It seems unfair for you to pay for a full 12 weeks and then get virtually no use out of the rental program.  So if your baby is particularly large at birth and this is a concern for you then please contact us as soon as possible and we will come up with a reasonable solution.  You will not be offered a cash refund for any portion of your rental fee, but on a case by case basis we may consider issuing you store credit only for a portion of your fee for a very early return - generally no more than half of your fee, and possibly less.  If you contact us more than 3 or 4 weeks into your rental period you are not likely to be given an offer like this, so please do so early if this is a concern for you.  If your baby was already born when you ordered your rental package, then no refund of your fee will be considered.  It is also important to note that many babies will be able to fit into one-size diapers at some point within the first 4 - 6 weeks.  Your baby has not 'outgrown' the newborn sizes simply because they now fit into one-size diapers - there will be an overlap in this time period!  However, the fit of most one-size diapers will be a bit bulky on a newborn and by the time your baby truly outgrows the newborn sizes then the one-sizes will generally be much more trim.  The intention of the newborn diaper rental program is to help you bridge that gap of time until one-size diapers fit well.  If you intend to transition your baby to one-size diapers as soon as possible then just realize that will likely happen before the 12 week mark, and before they have actually outgrown the rental diapers.  Even if you decide to only use the diapers for 6 - 8 weeks, we feel that the rental program can still be a great option, but just be aware that is your choice to make and the cost of your rental will be the same.    top

What accessories will I need in addition to the diapers in the rental program?   There are two 'must haves' that we recommend for cloth diapering.  The first is a dirty diaper storage system - we suggest a diaper pail (or lidded trash can) with a pail liner, or a wet bag of some sort.  The second is detergent - please see our wash & care instructions page in our cloth diaper tutorial for more details and brand recommendations.

There are a few other items we highly recommend - Cloth wipes are an easy & economical alternative to disposable wipes.  We simply dampen ours with plain old water and store them in our wipe warmer! Once they're used you simply toss them in the wash with your diapers - you're already doing the laundry, so no extra work there.  Plus they're useful in all kinds of other ways - use as wash cloths, burp cloths, tuck at baby's neck for an instant bib, excellent as travelling towels, use to clean up eating messes, drooling mouths, and almost anything else you can think of!

Most cloth diapering parents find their diaper sprayer to be a valuable investment.  Flushable liners are also a great alternative or complement to your sprayer for clean-up.  If your newborn is exclusively breastfed then their waste is water soluble & does not have to be disposed of prior to going in your washing machine, if you so choose.  Please note, more staining may occur with this practice.  top

What's the catch? There's no catch - we promise! Our mission is simply to spread the word about just how far modern cloth diapers have come, and make it easy on families who want to choose cloth! While cloth diapering is definitely less expensive than disposables in the long run, the up-front cost to purchase them is generally higher - and with newborn sized diapers, your baby will grow out of them within a matter of a few months.  This way you don't have to worry about the hassle of trying to turn around and sell them when that happens!  We are able to offer these programs with such low fees because you are essentially sharing the cost of the diapers with several other families.  The new diaper packages will become gently used packages...and the gently used packages will be rented out typically just once, or possibly twice if they are still in great shape.  So you know if you're receiving a gently used package that those diapers were likely only used by one other family, or two others at the most.  So...please take care of them for the next family as well as you would want them treated if yours was the next in line!   top

What do you do with the returned diapers? One of the great things about modern cloth diapers is that they are made of such high quality materials that most of them are still functional and retain a resale value even after they've been worn full-time by several children - especially for newborn diapers, since they're typically worn for such a short time by each child!  As stated in the previous answer, the new diaper packages will become gently used packages... and the gently used packages will be rented out typically just once, or possibly twice if they are still in great shape.  So you know if you're receiving a gently used package that those diapers were likely only used by one other family, or two others at the most.   So...please take care of them for the next family as well as you would want them treated if yours was the next in line!  :)  Once they are no longer useful for the rental programs they will then be sold as Newborn Diaper Packages - they are the ones listed in 'well loved' condition.  Rest assured they will still be fully functional when sold there, they just don't meet our standards for continuing to be rented because they're a little 'rough around the edges'.  top

Have other questions we didn't answer?  No problem, just contact us!