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Action Baby Carriers

Action Baby Carriers

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Product Description:

The Action Baby Carrier is a lightweight soft structured child carrier offering comfort and style at an affordable price. Action Baby Carriers are designed to be a great infant baby carrier as well as a great toddler baby carrier and are used for front and back carries.

Action Baby Carriers are European Safety Tested, and compliance approved. BS EN 13209-2:2005

Basic Information:

  • Carriers Made in the USA
  • Simple to use sleeping hood
  • Adjustable hip belt from 28 to 53  (plus size from 38 to 63 ) with no extender belt
  • Child carrier folds into a compact size that can easily fit into a diaper bag
  • Breathable lightweight yet supportive material
  • Versatile carrier with front, and back carry position
  • Child carrier for infants (8 lbs) to 40 pounds (Classic Regular)
  • Safety chest strap
  • Foam straps for ultimate carrier comfort
  • No inserts or attachments needed
  • Special cross strap system allows for proper support of child and parent
  • Straps can be worn backpack style or criss-cross for extreme comfort.  
  • Amazingly soft fabrics keeps your baby comfortable


  • Waistband height 4
  • Width of shoulder straps 3
  • Main Body including waistband 18 tall, 13.5 wide
  • Hip Strap 28 to 53 with 27.5 of padding
  • Shortest possible length of shoulder straps 17 (plus size is 22 ) (not including buckle)


  • Spot wash carriers if possible
  • Machine wash on cold with only 1 teaspoon of detergent in a washing sack
  • Air dry or tumble air dry
Toddler Carrier:

Perfect for toddlers 15-45 lbs.  The toddler carrier is 3 inches taller in the body than the classic carrier, as well as a longer hood.  The webbing is the same as the regular carrier.

Facts About Action Baby Carriers Internal Structure

We are not sure why it is such a little known fact about the internal support structure of the Action Baby Carrier. But it is!  So ABC took some pictures to share with you so that you can clearly see why Action Baby Carriers is the most comfortable and most thoroughly designed carrier on the market!

Clear plastic was used (instead of the fabric) & then sewn in the same way the baby carriers are sewn. This allows you to see the internal structure of the carrier. You can see how the webbing (in black) extends all the way though the body of the carrier and the hip belt. It is important to realized that the webbing in the body of the carrier (where the shoulders attach to the body of the carrier) is a solid piece of webbing that is sewn together and then weaved though the body of the carrier and then sewn again, into the carrier.  This mean that your shoulder strap buckle is not held in by a small cross stitch in the side of the carrier, that could possibly give way as you may have seen in other products. Our webbing and buckles are 1 1/2 inch and we have ensured that your baby is safe by having the webbing being one solid piece that extends though the body, sewn 4 times.  Who else can say that? Now that is safety!

You can clearly see how the shoulder straps go through the body of the carrier, criss-crosses at the bum and are sewing in, twice, to the hip belt. About an inch of tension was added on the straps before they were sewn into the hip belt.  This works to eliminate red marks on babies legs.  The red marks is a huge design flaw in the industry, and is often covered up with thick padding where the babies legs go out of the carrier or stirrups.  Both padding and stirrups are clever ways to hide design flaws that can leave painful red marks on your baby.  ABC set out to design a carrier that was not flawed, worked properly and needed no masking of imperfections. They designed it right - from the start.  You can see that on the close up picture of the babies leg.  You can clearly see that his leg is not resting on a seam.  You can see that his bum and legs are supported from the center of the carrier. 

This cross strap section design also makes for an even disbursement of weight for the adult wearing the carrier.  Making the shoulders and hip both comfortable and leaving no back pain, even after long and extended walks.

All of these internal structures make the most comfortable carrier for your baby that is available on the market!  There's not a carrier more superior in design that the ABC!  Try one out today!  You will NOT be disappointed! 

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