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Best Bottom Limited Edition

Best Bottom Limited Edition

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Best Bottom Limited Edition THE GREAT OUTDOORS comes in your choice of purple or orange edging!

FREE SHIPPING when you Purchase the cover + Lite Wetbag together as a bundle!!

Click HERE for the bundle.

The Best Bottom one size diapering system is not a pocket diaper, not an all in one, not a fitted diaper and not a prefold is the best of all types!  

Best Bottom is a 2 piece system consisting of a re-usable outer shell and a convenient snap-in insert (sold separately). When a change is needed, just unsnap the insert and snap in a clean one!  As long as the shell is not soiled, it can be used again!  This equals LESS LAUNDRY!  And since the shell and inserts are made separate, they wash thoroughly and dry quicker than all-in-one diapers. 

This All-in-2 system allows you to choose your size inserts that snap in place to keep it from shifting.  The shell/cover will fit a baby from around 8-35+ lbs!  Some nice features of this brand are the cross-over snaps (that allow the waist to get very small to fit those tiny babies) and the leg-gussets.  This cover will fit a baby that has very small thighs!!  For extra protection at night, you can always purchase the micro-doublers (2 pack). 

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